Programming | ZXBOOT huge list of retroscene and demoscene resources


В этом разделе собраны ссылки о программировании для z80

IDE, compilers

Libs, code samples

  • ZXDN — Коллекция материалов по творчеству на компьютере ZX Spectrum: программирование, графика, музыка. ZXDN | оригинал на uCoz
  • Open Source ZX — ZX Spectrum open source
  • TSLib — TSLib is a library that makes it easy to start developing for ZX-Evolution for TC-conf firmware.
  • ZX starter pack — Стартовый набор для вхождения в разработку под ZX Spectrum // A set of software, source codes, literature, utilities, and a build system for entering development for ZX Spectrum
  • ZEDA Z80 optimized routunes — This is a repository of routines for the Z80! As of its inception, it will likely be expanded with the Z80 TI8x series of calculators in mind, but most routines should be general enough for other devices.


Compression tools